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Upcoming events

    • 13 Jun 2023
    • 19:30 - 21:00
    • Zoom

    You will discover in this session

    * How you chose your communication style.

    * A model presentation that you can present for corporations and individuals.

    * An alphabet soup for improving emotional intelligence.

    Beryl Comar has taken Transactional Analysis to an easy model that gets teams talking and communicating better, and often opens up the organisation to engaging you further as company coach.

    Beryl’s strength is her ability to present complicated ideas, concepts and theories with simplicity for everyone, including second language speakers to shop floor level and make them understandable, fun and applicable to all.

    She is an excellent course writer and developer and as a trainer and coach brings out the very best in other trainers and coaches as she uses her NLP skills seamlessly.

    A lifelong learner believes “as soon as the certificate is on the wall it’s out of date”, Beryl uses NLP/Hypnotherapy techniques to establish rapport with diverse cultural and ethnic groups. She knows that everyone has potential – they just need someone with a roadmap to show them how to access their hidden strengths, to be motivated to grow easily and naturally.

    • 18 Nov 2023
    • 09:00 - 21:00
    • Barcelona

    “Make an Impact”

    18 Nov 2023 -in Barcelona Spain

    Since the Ancient Greeks, oratory, public speaking, and debates, have shown the power of the spoken word to influence and make an impact.  Not everyone wants to be a Professional Speaker, but everyone can become more professional when speaking to an audience. 

    If you are a manager or leader, working in corporate or as an entrepreneur, you can develop your ability to “Make an Impact”. Learn from people who have developed international businesses through their expertise, eloquence, and enterprise. 

    Invest just one Saturday to understand how the spoken word can transform an audience to think differently, feel differently, and act differently. 

    Who Needs to Attend?

    • Professional Speakers who want to benchmark their skills and learn new ones

    • Anyone who speaks to lead their team or organization to learn to influence

    • Those curious about the business of speaking and want to see how it’s done

    • Event Organizers who are looking for new ideas for their next conference.

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